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We develop and produce intelligent technical textiles according to your individual requests.

Custom-made concepts for your particular fields of application are our strength.

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To solve your individual problem our technologies cover several manufacturing processes concerning fibres, coatings and laminations as well as weaving and knitting for textile innovations.

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Our engineered innovations are used in a wide range of protective and technical textiles.
Especially protective apparel and functional textiles require highest quality and inspection request.

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Progtex is developing innovative and technical textiles as well as coatings with a motivated team of engineers and sales staff for more than 20 years.
Satisfied customers use these textiles in more than 35 countries.


Progtex and innovative technologies

Fiber Materials

To solve individual problems of customers we are able to use all worldwide disposable high-performance fiber materials.

This advantage is only possible if you are not linked to any special fiber manufacturer.

All types of Aramide, preoxidised fibers, modacrylic blends, UHMWPE, Graphene as well as a wide range of further raw materials enable us to select the best components for each customer application.

Weaving and Knitting

Weaving and Knitting are used as basics for textile innovations. Through flexibility in production processes woven tapes, warp knitted fabrics and nonwovens could be prepared also in laminated combinations for textile problem solving.

Diagonal cutted tapes made of woven fabrics complete the range of production processes to choose always the best technology for the final product.

Coatings and Laminations

Coatings and Laminations as well as finishings expand the properties of textile layers enormously.

Beneath Polyurethane (Direct/-Transfercoating), Silicone and rubber-systems these synthetic polymers could also be prepared as multilayered systems with different characteristics of each component. Aluminized surface and foil-/foam lamination allows almost endless diversity of final products.

Dyeing of fiber, yarn or fabric as well as modification of textile surface and finally finishings according to customer requirements (hydrophilc, water-repellant, mosquito and tick protection, and so on) allow specific solutions we can develop together with our customers.


Protective Fabrics and Technical Textiles


Personal Protective Apparel underlies highest Quality- and Inspection Request. 

This is ensured by permanent Quality Control also by external Testing Labs.

Products are used in Firefighting Garments, Service and Operation Garments for Police and Army as well as civil use in Industrial Clothing (electric arc, Heat protection), Motor Cycle Clothing and Forestry/Hunting as well as  further personal protective applications.


High-performance fabrics are used in a wide range of niches.

Machine Protection and Robot Coverings, flame retardant inner linings, Thermal Isolation in vehicle and aircraft manufacturing, belt systems and separation panels (smoke barriers and fire protection walls) shows only a few samples of a wide operational area. 

Final products are flexible tubes, tents with defined characteristics, bellows and covers, transport and conveying systems, helmets and restraint systems.


Experience for more than 20 years

Development and production is made by Progtex for more than 20 years within a team of engineers and sales staff. Satisfied customers use these innovative technical textiles all over the world.

Caused by social and environmental responsibility all textiles are produced in Germany.

Process enhancement reduce energy costs and preserve the environment. The development of intelligent high-tech fabrics reduce energy loss in isolation systems at lower weight and therefore protect resources.

Individual solutions for customers are not limited to own machinery equipment, but allow unlimited selection of technologies, processes and materials.

This unique feature enables development and production of textile combinations and variations, which would not be possible in a conventional textile company.

Progtex combines all textile production systems and is able to choose the most suitable solution for each problem starting from choice of raw material, spinning system, textile converting up to dyeing, finishing, coating and lamination. The flexibility in all these fields enables best range of materials and an optimum of characteristics at fair price level, because of missing constraint connection to only one raw material supplier.