For the solution of an individual problem we access all high-performance fibers, as we are not bound to any fiber producer. All kinds of Aramides, Panox, Modacrylic blends as well as a plurality of further synthetic raw materials enable us to choose directly the best suitable basic materials for the particular application.


Coatings and laminations extend the properties of the textile base systems by a multiple. Besides polyurethane in the direct or transfer process, silicones and rubber systems these polymers can also be executed multilayered with most variable properties of the respective component. Aluminised surfaces and foil- / foam laminations enable an unlimited design variety of the products. Dying of fibers, yarns and fabric as well as the modification of textile surfaces and last but not least finishings especially coordinated to the requirement profile (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, vector / mosquito protection, and many more) allow us to develop specific solutions together with our customers.


Weaving and knitting is the basis of the production of textile innovations. By the flexibility in the fabrication also textile tapes, knittings and non-wovens are included and especially integrated in solutions for insulations systems. Diagonal cutted tapes allow the use of broadcloth in regard to special demands. According to the application profile we choose the suitable process to be able to guarantee an optimal utilisablity of the product.