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Liability for contents
We point out that the contents in our home page have been issued with most possible care. However we do not guarantee for up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information supplied. We explicitly reserve the right to change, to complete or to delete single parts or the total content of our pages anytime without previous announcement.

External links
As far as there are links in our quotation to external homepages or different contents, we point out, that we do not have any influence on their design. For these contents only the external provider is responsible. A regular verification is not done by us, but we will of course take care for an immediate deletion of external links in case there occur illegal or displeasing contents.

Copy right / Right of identification
The contents published are subject to the german copy right. All rights are entitled to us or the respective licensors. The duplication or use of such contents is in any case subject to our approval.


As operator of this homepage we point out that the protection of your privacy and your data is very important for us. Therefore we would like to inform you about the handling with the data provided by you.

Data collection
As far as there is the possibility within the web offer for putting in personal data (name, address, a.s.o.), the indication of this data is always voluntarily on the part of the user. You can visit our homepage without our knowlegde who you are. As far as we are informed about private data in case of services you are not incognito for us any longer. With giving your data you agree explicitly to the transmission and retention of your data. As far as it is possible we enable the use of our service to be anonymos.

Use of private data
The use of private data provided by you is exclusively carried out in the coverage necessary for a service delivery resp. the procedure of a contract. As far as you gave your explicit approval your data will be used for marketing purposes.

Transmission to third parties
There will be no transmission to third parties.

Information about stored data
You have always the right to be informed on request regarding the data stored about you. As far as requested the information by be done electronicly. On request we will immediately delete the data stored about you.

For that you can contact::
Progtex Coatings GmbH
Joseph-Müller-Str. 12
95234 Sparneck
Tel.  +49-9251 - 44064-0
Fax. +49-9251 - 44064-44
Mail. infoprogtex.LÖ

Other advices
We always make an effort to guarantee the best possible protection of your private data, in technical and in organisational aspect. However we cannot guarantee a complete data security. In case of transmission of confidential date we suggest the postal way.

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