In regard to the social and environmental responsibility all products are produced in Germany. Optimized working processes reduce the energy costs and rest the environment. The development of intelligent special fabrics reduces an energy loss in isolations by using less raw material and serves in the end as resource protection.

Since 15 years Progtex develops and produces with a team of high-motivated engineers and sales staff innovative technical textiles at the satisfaction of customers in more than 30 countries. Individual solutions for customers are not dependent on a limited train of maschines but allow an unlimited choice of technologies, processes and materials. This unique feature enables development and production of technical insulation composite systems and products which in a usual company can often only be realized in a limited way.

Unique feature: Progtex combines all textile processes and advises in regard to the particular solution, starting with the choice of the fibre, the spinning process, the textile processing up to the dyeing, finishing, coating or laminating. The flexibility in all these fields enables to guarantee an optimum of properties with fair prices, as there is no obligation to single raw material suppliers that might prevent an objective choice.